Ken Vick - Artist, Woodworker

About Ken Vick Rocking Chairs

Ken Vick constructs and sculpts signed, numbered, rocking chairs from valuable and exotic woods for a few discerning collectors. Ken Vick rocking chairs build memories and will last for generations.

Ken uses the best quality mahogany, walnut and cherry woods, plus ash for strength and ebony for accents in his chairs.

Each chair has its own story. It begins with a tree old enough to produce wide, long, slabs of lumber. This means the trees were 50 - 100 years old when harvested. Once cut, the lumber is carefully aged like a fine wine, examined and eventually selected by Ken, piece by piece.  Working full time for six weeks, alone in his workshop, Ken produces a chair. Each tree and each chair is an individual.

Ken adapts the designs and advanced joinery techniques of maestro chairmakers Sam Maloof and Hal Taylor, to the individual quirks of his hand-selected, aged lumber. One hundred and twenty individual pieces of wood are cut, then constructed, sculpted and smoothly finished for each chair by Ken’s hands.

When you sit in a Ken Vick rocking chair you feel the flexible back slats supporting and comforting your back. The arm rests caress your arms as you rock gently and experience a practical work of art. 

Ken Vick’s chairs are sold by special order and we are looking for one high end furniture retailer to carry his rocking chairs and other furniture. Ken can make a rocking chair to fit its owner’s height and girth. 

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